How to send greeting cards right from your iPhone
Until recently, I was a fairly regular customer of Apple's Cards app, which allowed me to choose any photo in my Camera Roll, add it to a greeting card for just about any occasion, write a personalized message, and get it printed and mailed to the recipient(s) of my choice -- all for just a few bucks.
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Texting and Facebook spell the end for birthday cards: Fewer than half of 35 to 54-year-olds say they now send a greeting
Waking up to a pile of cards from family and friends used to be a birthday ritual. But these days, messages of congratulation are increasingly likely to come by email or text.
New figures from Ofcom show that fewer people are sending greetings cards – and middle-aged Britons are dropping the habit the fastest.
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Featured: Top 10 eCard Apps For Android
Christmas may have come and gone, but there are still many more occasions and times in which you might need to send a card to someone. With the developments in technology, you might be more inclined to send electronic cards (more commonly known as eCards). If that sounds like you then take a look at our pick of the best eCard apps available for android.
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18 Surprising Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards
Do you have a stash of Christmas cards that you can’t bear to toss into the recycle bin? Check out these ways to reuse greeting cards!
I have a sort of mixed relationship with Christmas cards. It warms my heart up to have all of those sweet notes from friend and family flood my mailbox each December, but the paper waste kind of bums me out. I tend to stash my favorite cards away, and after another December of beautiful cards from friends, I decided that it was time to find some ways to reuse greeting cards, so I could turn those single-use items into forever keepsakes or at least give them a new life!
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L’shana tova – New Year’s greeting cards have a long history
You may suspect that the send of pre-printed greetings for the Jewish New Year are a recent invention of the American greeting card industry. In fact such cards have been printed and used for more than a century in Europe and Israel as well as in North America. Here’s a sampling:

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